Xkcd creepiness dating age

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Xkcd creepiness dating age

Or simply spelled out in bold lettering on your commemorative plaque or a wall poster.Another thing that's widely overlooked in fiction is the fact that a password in most cases has to be matched with a username.If I gave you only one of those, you would probably reach a different conclusion about how just, unique and proper he is.Readers would also visualize a different character.

A related trope in fiction is to have the password entry plain and clear—on the screen—for all to see.

If you’re writing a superhero story, you may be able to get away with a wacky name like Captain Carnage or Devil Dog, like Superhero Nation does.

Obviously, most writers have to be more subtle than that.

For example, if you want to associate a character with energy and activity, you’d want to use a firm and short name.

Typically, protagonists are active go-getters– otherwise the story would be pretty boring, right? When you name main characters, you should also consider whether reading the name 25-75 times an hour will annoy readers.

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