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See JDK and JRE File Structure for a description of the directory structure of the JDK.

(Note that the file structure of the JRE is identical to that of the JDK's If you see the error message "corrupt cabinet file," then the file you have downloaded is corrupted.

You can perform a silent, non-interactive, JDK installation by using the command-line arguments.

The following table lists example installation scenarios and the commands required to perform them: .

See Windows System Requirements for JDK and JRE for minimum processor, disk space, and memory requirements. In this procedure, you will run the self-installing executable file to unpack and install the JDK.

As part of the JDK, this installation includes an option to include the public Java Runtime Environment.

The name POI was originally an acronym for Poor Obfuscation Implementation, referring humorously to the fact that the file formats seemed to be deliberately obfuscated, but poorly, since they were successfully reverse-engineered. File Input Stream file = new File Input Stream(new File("C:\test.xls")); //Get the workbook instance for XLS file HSSFWorkbook workbook = new HSSFWorkbook(file); //Get first sheet from the workbook HSSFSheet sheet = Sheet At(0); //Get iterator to all the rows in current sheet Iterator Notice how each class in POI library starts with HSSF prefix!

Apache POI is a powerful Java library to work with different Microsoft Office file formats such as Excel, Power point, Visio, MS Word etc.

you simply modify the desired file inside that folder (including configuration files), that's all.

See Oracle JRE 7 and JDK 7 Certified System Configurations for information about supported platforms, operating systems, and browsers.

(A cabinet file contains compressed application, data, resource, and DLL files.) If you see the error message "system error during decompression," then you might not have enough space on the disk that contains your Installing the JDK also installs a private JRE and optionally a public copy.

The private JRE is required to run the tools included with the JDK.

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If you want to install the Java FX SDK (version 2.0.2) with JDK 7u1 or earlier, see Installing Java FX for more information.

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