Updating suse

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Updating suse

Gtk# allows Mono applications to integrate into the Gnome desktop as native applications. As these components are not covered by Ecma standards, some of them remain subject to patent fears and concerns.

The database libraries provide connectivity to the object-relational database db4o, Firebird, Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL), My SQL, Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), Oracle, Postgre SQL, SQLite, and many others. The Mono runtime contains a code execution engine that translates ECMA CIL byte codes into native code and supports a number of processors: ARM, MIPS (in 32-bit mode only), SPARC, Power PC, S390 (in 64-bit mode), x86, x86-64 and IA-64 for 64-bit modes.

The logo of Mono is a stylized monkey's face, mono being Spanish for monkey. The Gendarme verification tool and Mono Linker are introduced. Packaging, WCF client, WCF server, LINQ to SQL debut. NET 4.0 profile, C# 4.0 support, new generational garbage collector, includes Parallel Extensions, WCF Routing, Code Contracts, ASP.

The code generation engine can be selected at startup by using the has significant limitations compared to commercial garbage-collected runtimes like the Java Virtual Machine or the . Because the garbage collector can exhibit memory leaks on certain classes of applications, it may be unsuitable for long-running server applications.The Mono project tracks developing database components at its website. The code generator is exposed in three modes: Starting with Mono 2.6, it is possible to configure Mono to use the LLVM as the code generation engine instead of Mono's own code generation engine.The Microsoft compatibility stack provides a pathway for porting Windows . This is useful for high performance computing loads and other situations where the execution performance is more important than the startup performance.One of these will enable you to upload your new, piping-hot images to public clouds.The development team is also working on better documentation to make it easier for developers to create just the right blend of programs for their custom Linux distribution. You can currently work on images using open SUSE Leap 42.3 or SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP3 for the foundation for your build.

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NET 4.5 except Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) (which the Mono team do not plan to support due to the amount of work it would need), According to Miguel, two factors sealed the fate of the project: Microsoft added "artificial restrictions" that "...