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If you get any errors, run the following commands (*Warning:* If not done carefully, these commands could destroy your system): Once everything looks okay, you'll want to forward the ports for apt-p2p to your system (if you have a router, see port for apt-p2p is 9977 TCP and UDP).At this point, you're all set to receive regular updates via Bit Torrent.I have several ideas but I'm not sure so I don't want to make a mistake.I've noticed that there was no updates for some time, but that might be normal ... update1: it works, I've closed ports 993 on router that were assigned to this machine and traffic stopped.This is beta software, so it might not be stable for everybody.If it can't download the file via Bit Torrent, however, it will revert to http download./bin/bash mkdir /tmp/apt-p2p cd /tmp/apt-p2p wget -i python-zopeinterface_3.3.1-7build1_amd64dpkg -i python-twisted-bin_8.1.0-4_amd64dpkg -i python-twisted-core_8.1.0-4_dpkg -i python-twisted-web2_8.1.0-1_dpkg -i *Those little scripts will create a apt-p2p folder in the /tmp folder. Then it will download apt-p2p from the intrepid repositories (they work fine on hardy) including all dependencies.At the end it will install them in the required order.

ernesto has today published on Torrent Freak a great howto on how to lessen the burden of the Canonical Servers for the upgrade to the new stable release of Ubuntu 8.10 - Intrepid Ibex.

now I need just a hint how to stop apt-p2p from getting up on boot so I do not have to stop it. how do I prevent it from waking up every time I boot?

I've made entry in Sessions so, for now it is kind of solved. I, momentarily do not want to remove the package (for one reason is because I am not sure how to do that and do not do the damage to the rest of the system, even though I would, probably know how to make a remedy, the other reason is that it might get useful in april, again) but I just want to put it on hold.

As apt-p2p is not in the hardy repos yet, we have to fetch it from a server directly.

Below I have have two scripts for 32-bit and 64-bit.

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