Unwritten rules of dating for women

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I have been known to “tell it like it is”, which some people may find brash but I am not one to sugar coat things!

As a writer, I truly believe everyone should express themselves as who they are and to be confident within themselves.

Also, as lame as it may sound, I really recommend to women still looking for Mr. Twitter: @Redlipshtickgal I’m certainly not a modern day Carrie Bradshaw by any means, just a typical small-town girl…living in a lonely world, I took the midnight train going anywhere…sorry, I had to, but I digress.

Right to read the book “He’s Just Not That Into You” by Liz Tuccillo and Greg Behrendt. I’ve weeded through just about as many men as the Sex and the City gals have…combined…and I have a plethora of stories (good and bad) as well as advice to share regarding what I have learned over the years.

Not that I’m an expert on reading men, but I have had more online dating experience than I care to admit.

If he was interested in you, no matter how busy, he’d text.

I am positive that by following these rules, online dating will be a much better experience for you.

If its a site he uses regularly or he’s already made up an excuse as to why he still hasn’t added you, he’s hiding something. I really don’t understand why girls freak out on guys that don’t text them back after a date or when he isn’t talking to her anymore/as often as he used to.

Don’t stick around to find out what, because it’s probably a girlfriend. Please ladies, take this as the man’s subtle hint he’s no longer interested.

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It took me a LONG time to find a man who treats me right and the road to get here has been rough.

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