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Skyrim  dating or not

Most of the elements here are recognisably Mass Effect, but Andromeda fails to create the same sense of place and time.The world is built by either vague, broad strokes or via very niche, very intricate technical language - it's the result of a creative tension between wanting and needing to explain the massive amount of stuff in Andromeda, and trying to make the game accessible to newcomers or more casual fans.The tedious mission design really doesn’t help matters.Most quests here follow the same pattern: speak to person, go where person tells you to go, shoot some aliens, scan some objects, return to person.Each of your crew mates have stand-out moments, for sure - I really enjoyed the outcome of romancing human commando Cora, because it was a sweet, touching moment that comes after she loses a significant amount of her faith.They’re not always a pleasure to be around, though, and sometimes you’ll struggle to really care about their stories, and won’t feel compelled to finish loyalty missions until you absolutely want to unlock their final-tier skills.

A cut-scene triggered where she scolded me because “we haven’t spoken in ages”.

Andromeda’s supporting cast - the lifeblood of any Mass Effect game - are a mixed bunch, but generally entertaining. The former is a rogue Asari scientist who thinks and acts at 100mph, making her tough to read and fascinating to chat to.

The latter is a sensitive soldier type who relishes the chance to make peace and understand the races he meets in Andromeda.

The new race (no spoilers here) is imaginatively introduced, but not as culturally rich and memorable as many of the Milky Way species, and the Kett - Andromeda’s baddies - are suitably villainous if a little lacking in depth. At best, conversations are slightly awkward, either because they don’t quite flow properly or because Ryder’s response is too creepy, or cheesy, or plain weird.

Their leader starts off comedically evil and stern, but later in the game reveals more interesting flaws and character traits, showing smart parallels between the Kett and the newly arrived colonists. At worst, dialogue is immersion-breaking, as the camera totally focuses on the wrong person, or a character’s eyes shift manically from side-to-side as if they’re expecting to be attacked while they’re drinking space-coffee and chatting to you about their family.

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