Radiocarbon dating after 1950

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Radiocarbon dating after 1950

This article summarises glaciers and climate change around the Antarctic Peninsula. This image shows the instrumental record of global average w:temperatures as compiled by the w: NASA’s w: Goddard Institute for Space Studies. Ice core records show that methane and carbon dioxide atmospheric concentrations are higher than at any point in the last 650,000 years (quick check – do you understand the difference between ice shelves, sea ice, ice bergs and marine-terminating glaciers? Higher air temperatures around the Antarctic Peninsula contribute to ice shelf collapse by increasing the amount of meltwater ponding on the surface, you have a recipe for rapid ice shelf disintegration. This rate of warming is unusual, but not unprecedented. M., Bigler, M., Castellano, E., Cattani, O., Chappellaz, J., Dahl Jensen, D., Delmonte, B., Dreyfus, G., Durand, G., Falourd, S., Fischer, H., Fluckiger, J., Hansson, M. J., Jouzel, J., Kaufmann, P., Kipfstuhl, J., Lambert, F., Lipenkov, V.

The ice shelf disintegrated very rapidly, with the main event happening over just one warm summer. Note the rapid thinning of Pine Island Glacier ice shelf in West Antarctica. Reprinted by permission from Macmillan Publishers Ltd: Nature(Pritchard et al. Ice shelves are warmed from below, and the ice shelves around Pine Island Glacier are thinning and receding.

Variations of glacier frontal positions on the northern Antarctic Peninsula.

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Signals of Barremian (116 Ma) or younger oceanic crust beneath the Bay of Bengal along 14N latitude between 81E and 93E, Mar.

Double flood basalts and plume head separation at the 660 kilometer discontinuity, Science, 266, 1367-1369.

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