Pisces dating pisces horoscope

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Pisces dating pisces horoscope

This is one time when you want to move into the New Year with a romantic wish list.

As the Moon's last visit to a social and serendipitous part of your chart for the year wraps up, there is a serious case of synchronicity in play.

The Pisces man is a dreamer who gets lost in the world he creates for himself.

Neither sign is known for being grounded so as a couple they could appear a bit flaky and convoluted.

Saying a prayer and reaching out to others is their way of overcoming those scary events.

Pisces are wise souls who have learned to make peace with angry feelings.

The love gods are watching with interest as the weight is slowly shifting from what has been a year full of heavy demands and especially heavy professional demands.

This is freeing up more space in your life just in time for the holiday period, but this is something that the love gods will soon have a chance to take advantage of.

It becomes easier to develop compelling ideas and pursue exciting paths.When they meet in the bedroom however, sex is so fabulous that the Pisces man is convinced it was only a dream while the Gemini woman wonders if she was only thinking about it or actually doing it! Pisces must keep up with the Gemini lover's highly active lifestyle. Assure them of having time with no problems involved.A first Gemini and Pisces date could be theater plays such as Phantom of the Opera. Another option that this zodiac couple would enjoy is a magic show or mystery dinner theater. Don't try to control this zodiac sign or they will move on. They are dreamers who work toward self-realization instead of in the hunt for fancy possessions. Not overly expressive with emotions, they are loyal partners.With a new Moon in the same sector you have a fighting chance to make a difference in your career where it really matters this month Pisces. The Pisces woman and Gemini man are both malleable in nature.

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