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Nzdating biz

There's a whole other story there, I'm sure, but I know nothing of it, minus some fascinating innuendo and tea-room speculation: perhaps another day...). ) - who they've got to do the other half of Mrs Strathsprey's shifts is, for the want of better words: totally useless and awesomely lazy. Mrs Kambaa, head of the cataloguing department, has a well-laid out 'to-do' list we have to work our way through each week. Anyway, Mrs Oolong, despite having been walked through the process on about half a dozen previous occasions, was still struggling to get a usable image.

How Since I stupidly claimed to think that cataloguing was 'stimulating and challenging' when I applied for my current job, I've been seconded into the cataloguing team to cover a gap while one of the old pros - Mrs Strathsprey - is away on maternity leave (she's at least in her late 40s, and this will be her third child, the other two now being in their 20s! This didn't surprise me - the scanner we've got is turn-of-century vintage, and the supporting software (which I'm sure we could upgrade if someone let me have admin privilege - dreams are free) is counter-intuitive and buggy.

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It's quite good in that it's uninterrupted, and easy to get into a rhythm (especially with my discman on), but quite bad in that it's actually boring, and even nailing down a dewey number to 7 decimal places no longer gives me the the same satisfaction it did when I was bit of a cataloguing ingenue. But the way I've always worked is that if someone gives you a list of tasks, the trick is to turn what are (realistically) 15 five minute jobs into (believably) 15 one hour tasks. " "20 cents a sheet or you can buy discount cards." "Hmmm. " I dug out today's Dominion (a very useful reference tool, I've discovered). " she admonished me (yes, admonished, like it was fault.

So, for three mornings a week I'm stuck out the back, doing the thankless task of cataloguing our new books. Things get shifted and prioritised, and sometimes there is work that pops up that isn't on the list, but, I'd say at least three quarters of our total workload does show up on the list, and I'm doing actually slacking off at work. "Every time I scan in the book, the computer slows right down, and then when I save it, it crashes!

" "Oh, no, I mean as if you lay three weetbix down on a bit of paper, how much space that would take up." "How many maps are there? Chelsea Peretti - mostly because she reinforces my growing concern that America is full of scary crazies (not Chelsea, that is, follow this link to see what I mean). The weird thing is, almost without fail, the blog I get is written by a female, and, more often than not (at the moment) English is either their second language, or they don't write in English at all. Early Wednesday, still fused to the couch, Gayle Laverne Grinds died following a six-hour effort by rescue workers who struggled to lift the 480-pound woman and get her to a Martin County hospital. It's times like this that I'm vaguely pleased the news articles doesn't have a photo. Crumbs.[via boingboing]Not the head-exploding type, but pretty close...

Above are four, randomly picked (well, I picked the messy room one because it's not too far off what my room looks like) photos that grabbed my eye. current posts blogger profile email me blogroll me site stats Good Starting Points artemis awards dooced netguide awards radio active staff party silver scroll awards the maps of victory NZ Blogs rest area 300m super good the back yard vile file effing the ineffable promenade short & sweet the rice bowl dog biting men fancy hathaway fighting talk dub dot dash sunnyo one before secret passage half-pie resistant soy three point turn cracker random contributionz msbehaviour noizyblog call me jake new york nz blogging it real about town hubris nincomjoel take the scenic route deliberate serendipity notes from an exile wired jafa miramarmike blog in mouth hard news winosandfoodies darkness network david farrar wellingtonist International Blogs real e fun petite anglaise random acts of reality 360 degrees of sky doing the right thing librarygirl the spoonbender diamond geezer life of reilly jonnyb's private secret diary smacked face flatline girl this is this struggling author tales from the liberry bridget who?

dilettante's ball a girl with a dot com boudist unlucky man the hot librarian plastic bag killing time the saturnynes lounge darthworld confessions of a monkey what's new pussycat?

The book I had left open for her to complete cataloguing remained open, a sheen of dust over its bibliographic details page. The downside to all this is, of course, that once management click onto the fact that I'm doing the work of two, they'll realise that I do the work of two. The library keeps many national and international newspapers in which there are weather maps." "Could you email them to me? "But Mrs Kenilworth [fellow senior librarian - not equipped, I might add, to being giving advice on IT matters] told me that the higher the dpi number, the higher resolution picture we would get out of it." "Well, yes, that's true but, well, 1200dpi is high resolution.

I logged on to the system and clicked through her IE history list. She'd spent most, if not all of last week browsing around fancy dress sites, playing an online game, checking her hotmail, and (god, no) spending a lot of time on Old Friends and NZDating. Norma will probably get a demotion to permanent shelving or returns or some other library penance job, and I'll be kept on secondment, doing the same hours but the same amount of work. Magazines and most print material is done at 300dpi, and, well, what is this image going to be used for?

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