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"So there's something very interesting about playing with his look and trying different versions of him." On the eighth episode, Jonah — spoiler alert! The homepage of his site now reads: "Thank you New Hampshire! " revealed the election twist very few people saw coming when the resident punching-bag was picked to run for Congress.

He was only selected because the powers that be required a "spectacular dumbass" to serve as a placeholder and cast a vote for Selina over O' Brien, but the fictional American people don't know that. " "Selina hates Jonah," Mandel told about Julia Louis-Dreyfus' character.

" yet she tweets, "Sending prayers and good wishes to the people of Idaho after devastating mudslides.

#Idaho Mud." So when she dole out a public compliment to Amy Brookheimer (Anna Chlumsky), it's fitting that she paid no attention to the accompanying photo.

After a disastrous chain of events, Selina Meyer loses the Congressional vote and subsequently, the Presidency of the United States.

Previews for next week's finale hint at Tom James, who is now in line for Commander In Chief, offering Selina a spot on his ticket.

has been sharing her thoughts in real time and — with the help of the writers behind the HBO show — has revealed some major Easter eggs as the fifth season has unfolded."You never even get to see what she tweeted, that’s almost besides the point," says Mandelwhen discussing the comedy of social media errors."We imagined it as something much worse than the 'gravy' tweet." ("Charlie says O' Brien won't go down on his wife without biscuits and gravy," Selina shared during the episode.) But it looks like dogged journalist Leon West put his reporter skills to good use, capturing a screen shot of the initial post (warning: it's dirty).Now, there is a larger question about a job she could take — but I don’t think she wants it." After dropping 16 bonus scenes after the episode aired (watch some of them here), there are now a whopping 26 total videos that didn't make the documentary that be enjoyed over at asked Sarah Sutherland, the actress who plays the first daughter, if the show had ever addressed Selina's stance on same-sex marriage."It’s never come up," she said about the president, whose party affiliation remains ambiguous.

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Now, taking to Twitter, Selina has called herself an Oval office friend to the LGBT community, saying, "#LGBT Rights are a top priority for my administration!