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If you don't intend to wear your hair up, just one side can be clipper cut to achieve a similar look.

There are many fun options to wear it up, giving you the volume to balance your face shape in the form of braids, knots, or a victory roll.

The back can be either cut in a close taper or a cut in a very short stacked pixie which would give more volume to the back. Apply a mousse or gel and brush while blow drying using a vented brush to give some lift at the root area.

Style with a side part and finish with a light mist of hairspray.

A pear-shaped face is essentially a heart-shaped face upside down.

The pear-shaped face is also referred to as triangular and features a distinctly narrow forehead.

Choosing the perfect haircut can be difficult but should not be daunting.The length of this cut should hit between your chin and cheeks.The short layers of this cut allow plenty of volume that blend into side swept bangs.Request that layers with this cut not be so short that they become unruly.They should not be shorter than the top of your ears. To tame any unruly hair, you will need to use a smoothing hair serum and flat iron your hair after drying.

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Layering for this style should begin just below the cheekbone and blend into face framing bangs.

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