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Lesbein dating

Many Womyn are starting to fully understand their sexuality and its potency.

This shows though that its the male brain that is wrong as a male would still have his hands and rest of body to commit crimes. show us the literature (medical evidence) that prove that women have a better design than Gods original design, thus needing to go through the pain of circumcision (as a young male baby) and castration (as a older male adult?

My girl friends giggle and always ask to see them, where my male friends seem a bit afraid.

I have seen both the horse and donkey after the procedure, and they are so timid and gentle.

I would love them to be caught, tied up naked and see my girl chop their balls off, justice.

Leewe men should be castrated when we are pretty young. the odd bird has threatned to rip my bits off,but we all know aint never gonna happen.

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Now i agree that a law must be written that any Woman has the right to castrate Her male (or have him castrated).