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In light of an anecdote my diving instructor, a Korean War veteran, once told me, everyone has a big pile of sticks in their lives that they carry on their backs.Everyone has a mountain that they’re seeking to climb.

Despite being plagued with breakup rumours since they confirmed their relationship in 2007, the pair went on to get married four years ago., hit it off immediately and became best friends.

12 Male Celebrities We Suspect Might Be Song Joong Ki’s Groomsmen Korean Actors Who Are Dating Fellow Celebrities and became attracted to each other. They confirmed their relationship in April after photos of them on a date were published by a Korean news outlet.

They realised that they match well in terms of personality, and earlier this year, decided to spend the rest of their lives together. It was reported that they had been dating for five months at the time their relationship went public.

I’m proud to be part of a long tradition of “tough motherf-ckers.”___Follow Eugene Lee Yang on Twitter at @Eugene Lee Yang or visit his official Facebook page.

In the same way that office romances happen all the time, it’s unsurprising that Korean celebrities would end up in relationships after working together. They literally went from Tumblr and Twitter’s favourite onscreen OTP to a real-life OTP.

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But make no mistake, beyond his goofy physical stunts and experimentations on camera, the Texas-raised Korean American, as a filmmaker for Buzz Feed Video, has explored such thought-provoking themes as body image among women or racial bias in online dating.