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Isreal free cam chat

Aired 2- p ET • Power Outage Cripples World's Busiest Airport; Putin Thanks Trump in Phone Call; Trump Not Considering Firing Mueller.

Aired 12-1a ET • Republicans Poised to Pass Tax Bill; Mc Cain Head to Arizona; Manchin on Trump Allegations; Looking at Midterm Elections; Car Rams UK Military Checkpoint; Trump Expects Exoneration Letter.

Aired -4p ET • Amtrak Derailment Due to Overspeeding; Trump Laid Out Security Policies; New Life Awaits for Libyan Migrants; Derailed Amtrak Train Going 80 MPH in 20 MPH Zone; K-Pop Fans Mourn Death Of Shines Singer Jonghyun Suicide; China Responds To Trump's Security Strategy; Puerto Rico's Long Road To Recovery; Secretive U. Aired -3p ET • CNN Poll: Trump's Approval Drops To 35 Percent; CNN Poll: 66 Percent Say GOP Bill Benefits Wealthy; CNN: Trump Expects Letter Of Exoneration From Mueller; GOP Hours Away from Passing Tax Reform; Wrecked Train Doing 80 in a 30-Mile-Per-Hour Zone.

Aired 9-a ET • House Passes GOP Tax Overhaul, Senate Votes Soon.

Aired 12-1a ET • Special Counsel Investigation Timeframe; Tax Reform Bill; Eagle Scout Helps Train Victims; Trump Considered Rescinding Gorsuch Nomination.

Aired -10a ET • Deadly Amtrak Derailment In Washington State; France Takes Action To Help Migrants After CNN Report; New Austrian Coalition Includes Far-Right Party.

Aired 3-a ET • Congressional Republicans Unveil Reconciliation Tax Bill; Republican in Congress and White House Display Confidence Tax Reform will Pass; Sizes of Wildfires Grow in California; Interview with DNC CEO Jess O'Connell; North Korea Makes Threatening Remarks Toward U.

Aired 2-p ET • Vote on Massive Tax Reform Bill Expected Tuesday; Omarosa Questions Diversity in White House; Trump Attorneys to Meet with Special Council & Rob Goldstone to Testify in Congress; Wa Po: CDC Told to Eliminate Words by Trump Administration; Trump Judicial Nominee Struggles with Basic Legal Questions; Kentucky Voters Still Betting on Trump. Train Derails From Bridge And Hits Motorway On First High- Speed Run Leaving At Least Six Dead; Arrest Made In Alleged Racist Attack On Sterling; Gatlin's Coach Faces New Doping Allegations.Aired 3- p ET • House Prepares to Pass Tax Reform Bill; President Plans to Celebrate Tax Win Before Bill Arrives; Trump Jr: There Are People At The Highest Level Of Government That Don't Want To Let America Be America; Former CIA Chief: Trump Jr.Aired 1-2a ET • Completely Power Outage at Atlanta Airport; Putin Thanks Trump for CIA's Help; Trump Says He Is Not Considering Firing Mueller; Senator Mc Cain Will Miss Vote on Republicans' Tax Bill; How To Repatriate 15,000 Displaced People From Libya; Prince Harry Interviews Obama For Radio.Aired 2-3a ET • Passengers Stuck up in Atlanta Airport; Putin and Trump Talk Twice in Three Days; Miss Universe Contestant Getting Death Threats Because of a Selfie; South Africa's Ruling Party to Choose its New Leader; Repatriation of 15,000 Displaced People in Libya; Austria Only Country With a Far-Right Party in Government; Prince Harry Interviews Former U. President Barack Obama; "The Last Jedi" Blockbuster Opening Weekend.

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Manchin: Franken "Definitely Shouldn't Resign"; WAPO: Trump Looking Forward To Campaigning Next Year • Trump to Unveil "America First" National Security Plan; Puerto Rico Governor Orders Death Toll Review; EPA Staffers Under Scrutiny After Speaking Out?

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