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For instance, on the PFRDA website – you can see the number of Po P-SP (Point of Presence Service Providers) (pdf) and it’s quite clear that SBI with 3,820 registered branches is quite clearly in the lead, followed by Alankit Assignments with 890 branches, India Post NPS Nodal Office with 807 branches and State Bank of Hyderabad with 714 branches.

This is an interesting stat, and the PDF itself has got a list of number of all Po Ps, and gives an approximate idea of where you’re more likely get someone who can open an account for you.

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One of the most frequent questions on the NPS post is how one can open a NPS account, and though things have improved in the past few months – most of the times opening a NPS account is not as easy as it should be.

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This is probably the easiest way to open a NPS account because if you have a ICICI DIRECT account, then you can log into your account and open a NPS account without any additional documentation.I tried to look at the various ways you can open a NPS account, and thought I’d make a list of NPS account opening options I’m aware of.In doing this research I found that there is reasonably good information about where you can go to open an account, but it’s just that it’s not very well known. Her perfect athletic body gives her Complete Power as far as I'm concerned! Very glad to see this incredibly sexy woman back again.

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CAMS is another registered Po P-SP that allows you to fill up the form online and enter information to open a NPS account. Shetti in a comment, and I’m not familiar with how the entire process looks like, so before you start entering the details there I suggest giving them a call and find out more.