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Elena in davison sex chat

My cock was semi-flaccid but still wedged up inside my daughter’s soaked pussy, plugging all the copious globs of semen inside Bella.“And if you don’t ‘catch’ this time princess we might have to do it again…and again…and again.” “Oh yes,” Bella sighed “that’d be so cool.I love it though.” “Me too sweetheart.” I kissed my daughter on her lips, enjoying the musky heady taste and scent of her in her post-orgasm bliss.“Just think of all those microscopic wriggling sperm cells from your daddy trying to make a baby in you darling.” My cock twitched, my crazy lewd comment stirring my lust again.It edged in slowly, and as it did, she scrunched her eyes up tight and did as I said.Breathing in and trying to block out what she thought would be agony, Bella was pleasantly surprised to feel a filling, tingling sensation as I, her father, drove my dick deeper.

I went as far as I could with that initial push, and now that I am balls deep in the cunt of my 14 year old daughter, I stopped, coming to a dead stop. Very full though.” I twitched a little, making my daughter shudder. Much better than your mother’s first time with me”, I reassured her, and so I made sure she understood that she was loved just as much now if not more so., the competition series that once pitted TV’s biggest stars against each other in a battle for athletic-actor supremacy, returns to the airwaves Thursday via reboot on ABC.In anticipation of this Olympian television event, three of Vulture’s more ’70s- and ’80s-nostalgic writers — Josef Adalian, Jen Chaney, and Maria Elena Fernandez — got together to discuss what made the original so great and whether the new one can recapture its magic.I wanted my daughter to experience all I could give her. The sloppy tight grip that kept me and my offspring welded together, cock in cunt was growing more intense, more heated. You want to make a sister or brother for me with me? People will talk, will ask questions.” I drew back a little, although my own unspoken need to plant my built up cum into my daughter was warping my sense of right, of social responsibility. “Oh god…I don’t know sweetheart.” “I want your baby. Fertilize your daughter, your little Bella’s pussy, make my tummy big with our baby. My scrotum tightened and then I felt the pulse of my cum speed up through my loins, through my dick to splash wetly, hotly inside my daughter.Through partly hooded eyes Bella looked up into my face, a few beads of sweat forming on my wrinkled forehead as I kept up the frantic fucking. ” My eyebrows arched as I looked down at the flushed face of my daughter, fucking her whilst looking for her thoughts behind the latest request. ” Bella squirmed and sighed, feeling her father push meself into her with a couple of deliberate and deep thrusts. See my tummy swell with a baby you plant inside me? Like a high pressure hose my cock spewed forth millions of microscopic sperm in thick salty globs of semen.

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