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Lastly, the pornography industry behaves in a manner similar to a black widow spider.

They have their web of Internet sites floating in space, waiting for the slightest hint of movement.

The result is a pattern of addiction and escalation. You start using porn that disgusted you earlier, but is now enticing to you.We often hear the expression, “surfing the Web.” But a better metaphor may be “walking on the beach” because your footprints follow you wherever you go.All browsers, Netscape, Internet Explorer, AOL, are equipped with a cache—a temporary file that saves a copy of any HTML pages, images or files that you access for quick downloading later.We’re starting to see, however, that looking for sex online is not without dangers and disappointments.It’s still possible for the online sex surfer to get caught, get taken advantage of, get addicted or get in trouble with the law. What could be more anonymous than viewing pornography on the Internet?

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