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"How they react to others' misfortune is also pretty telling - a lack of empathy is a key characteristic of narcissists."But in today's social media era, "narcissistic" has become a catchall term for anyone who seems selfish or self-centered.

That's why it's helpful to draw a distinction between people constantly snapping selfies and what clinical psychologists term "narcissistic personality disorder," broadly defined as an inflated sense of grandiosity, a lack of empathy, a tendency to react angrily when things don't go their way and a need for constant admiration.

No surprise, he describes Trump in this way."The difference between everyday narcissists and extreme narcissists is that the latter build themselves up at the expense of other people.

Mc Adams noted that a psychologist who specializes in manipulative personalities had even archived Trump footage to use in workshops, as he is a textbook example of narcissism.

In June 2015, when Donald Trump descended the golden escalator in Trump Tower to launch his presidential campaign, something about his egotistical rhetoric felt uncomfortably familiar.

A few weeks earlier, I had worked up the courage to walk out on a guy who had isolated me from my friends and chipped away my self-esteem.

Sure, my ex's collections of Mason jars and Patsy Cline records appeared to have more in common with the Portland transplant cliche than the Manhattan real estate mogul.

But after Trump's announcement, my failed relationship seemed tinged with the same exaggerated swagger.


In this way, Trump has emerged as a caricature - a pop-culture metaphor - for the narcissists so many of us encounter in daily life.

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