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Plus, you don't have to consolidate all your loans together – if you would like to keep your federal separate to take advantage of repayment benefits, you have the option to only consolidate private student loans.

To see if you may benefit from consolidation, use our Student Loan Refinance Estimator to discover what your new rate and term options may be.

You will have a lot of important financial decisions to make after getting a job, one of which will be paying down your student loan debt.

If you took out multiple student loans in undergraduate or graduate school, they may all have different balances and interest rates.

When you consolidate privately with the Education Refinance Loan from Citizens Bank, you can consolidate both federal and private student loans into a new loan with your choice of either a variable or fixed rate.

As a borrower, you might have questions about how the consolidation process works.

Review the following questions and find what you need to know about consolidating student loans.

Before consolidating student loans, it's important to know what benefits you will receive from consolidation.

If your credit score or financial situation hasn't changed much since you first applied for loans, you may not see much of a difference in your quoted rates.

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Managing multiple due dates and lenders can seem complicated; however, many graduates consolidate and refinance their student loans in order to simplify monthly payments and potentially qualify for better rates.

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