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She is somebody who I wouldn't be here unless I believed in and thought she had a lot to offer the people of Redditch and the people of our country, so it is a pleasure actually to be here.‘May 6, apart from being election day, is, as someone reminded me earlier, also my birthday and as a birthday present I want Jacqui back as MP for Redditch and a fourth term for the Labour government.So let's make sure we have it.’Miss Smith, who was brought into the Cabinet by Mr Blair in 2006, quit as Home Secretary last year in the wake of the expenses scandal.Labour is defending a majority of just 2,163 in Redditch and neighbours yesterday expressed surprise at Mr Blair’s decision to visit what many observers view as a lost cause.

Although Miss Smith is a former Cabinet colleague standing in a highly marginal seat, Labour sources said Mr Brown would ‘definitely not’ be visiting her constituency.

The day after she arrived from Vienna, seven-year-old Rella Hudes flashed a big smile for the camera as she sat on her new tricycle in the garden of her new home in Sheffield, England. She had just escaped Austria through the Kindertransport (Children’s Transport), a rescue effort that brought thousands of refugee Jewish children from Nazi-occupied territories to Great Britain between 19.

They fled to safety with a new family, a new country, and a new life.

Her father, Isak Hudes, worked as a cabinetmaker in Vienna until emigrating illegally to Palestine in 1933.

He remained there with relatives until his death from natural causes in 1942.

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As Rella recalls, the Christadelphians were pro-Jewish and encouraged her to keep in touch with what family she could, writing to her aunt in the United States and her uncle in Palestine.