Black white dating biblical

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There is nothing in the Scriptures to indicate that people are excluded from God’s saving grace on the basis of ethnic origin or skin color.

Some ancient writers say that the Egyptians and Ethiopians were black. The wall paintings and hieroglyphics of the ancient Egyptians and Ethiopians picture some people as black in color.As a white person in a predominantly white country, I also began to gain a better understanding of and a greater appreciation for the black experience in the United States.Is the Bible a book by a white God for white people? God is spirit and does not have "color" in our human and earthly sense.Of course, it does not mean that they were "people of color" either.In ancient times, just as folks did in the old frontier societies of our country, people often were given names that reflected their personality, where they were from or their appearance.

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These denigrating tales were believed to support the racist (and unbiblical) notion that the Bible supported a white subjugation of black people.