Black book dating man white woman spice up your life dating site

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Black book dating man white woman

A white woman’s Facebook post about black men went viral last week after she called them out for choosing to date white women specifically because they may appear to be “more submissive.” “If your primary reason for dating white women is because you’re under the self centered delusion that they are more ‘submissive’ and understanding of your inherent refusal to get your s*** together without the help of a romantic partner, I am not the Caucasian for you,” said Tiffany Jolene in a Facebook post that has since been deleted.She has no issue with interracial dating, but she did want to expose black men who look for white women over their own black counterparts for more insidious reasons.“You’re likely to be intentionally targeting a certain brand of white women because they’re as not privy to your bull*** as black women; having been raised around or by you,” she says. They are much more ‘difficult’ for you to manipulate.” The response to the post was, unsurprisingly, immediate.

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