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Sam, who recently moved to Prince Edward County, creates the best Pollo Rostizado I’ve ever had. Chris, the brewer, told us stories about each of the beers.Picture this, free range whole rotisserie chicken that is marinated in Mexican spices and served with a side of salsas and tortillas. My favourite story was about Rinda Rinda, named after the Blue Hearts’ hit single “Linda Linda” and encapsulates 1980’s Japan in a bottle.Their scallops with a pea and leek puree was also amazing.Have you decided to jump in your car and head to the county for some amazing wine and food yet?Winemaker, Tim Kuepfer’s passion was contagious, we loved his stories about the creation of Broken Stone Winery and the grapes on his property., we had a quick tasting of a few different wines.Their 2014 Churchside Pinot Noir has a black cherry and rhubarb palate and the suggested pairing is a braised lamb shank with parmesan and herb gnocchi. We finished our second day at Agrarian Bistro in Bloomfield.

has a well curated selection of antiques that ranges from mid-century modern furniture to glassware.Using locally sourced ingredients, the chefs serve amazing tacos. At Broken Stone Winery, we were greeted by Woody (an adorable chocolate lab) and sampled some delicious wine and cheese pairings.The tasting was set outside and overlooked the vineyard.The limestone-rich soils of Prince Edward County produces excellent wine due to the natural minerality of the soil.With close to 40 wineries, there is just so much wine and so little time!

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Lance, who’s also affiliated with Guapo’s Cantina, is also an amazing chef and makes the most unbelievable Southern Fried Chicken (house dills… Chris lived in Japan as a teenager and it inspired him to create this beer with Sorachi hops, yuzu, and lime zest.

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