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It was amazing how many roles I was offered that involved nudity and sex, and I don’t want to seem as if I’m taking the moral high-ground, but I didn’t want to sell myself in that way.'When you come from a solid, working-class family with good, old-fashioned ethics, the idea of nudity in a film is shocking. This is where my home is and there is something nice about being home.’She did, however, have a brief stint as an émigré southerner when she moved to Cheltenham with her then fiancé, former Motherwell footballer Brian Ruane, who worked there as a pharmaceutical salesman.There were so many phone calls to my agent asking would I consider this or that. .” And she’d persuade me to meet the director and we’d discuss how it could be a little less blatant.‘But I never felt comfortable with the compromises. ‘They said, “Come out and we’ll make you a star” but you hear stories of little Scottish girls who go over and do nothing. For three years, from 1984, when she was based in Gloucestershire, she also had a part in ITV soap Crossroads, as the motel’s neurotic receptionist. But the hours were exacting — six-day weeks and Sundays spent learning lines — and Dee’s heart was not in it.‘You look ahead.In last week’s Radio Times, film critic Barry Norman listed it among his 49 finest movies ever made.You might imagine such a film would have heralded distinguished acting careers for its main protagonists — and indeed for John Gordon Sinclair who played the gawky and sexually inexperienced Gregory, it did.The film cast Dorothy as a nascent leader, a pioneer who joins the school football team, ousting Gregory from his position as striker.

The central characters were played by two unknown Scottish actors, John Gordon Sinclair and Dee Hepburn, and the film became one of the best-loved ever.Dee Hepburn, however, who took the role of Dorothy, the film’s pin-up and the object of Gregory’s infatuation, chose a contrary path: she resisted the lure of Hollywood.She said she just wanted to stay close to the family she loved and raise children of her own. As well as her longing for home comforts, this week Dee revealed another, darker reason for her change of heart.At the peak of her fame, she was inundated with requests for nude film roles.Deeply uncomfortable, she turned her back on stardom forever.

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Indeed, she says she was consumed by fear when, at 19, she landed the role after she was talent spotted while dancing in a commercial for a Glasgow department store. Neither did she possess the precocity that so often accompanies young talent. She says she has watched it only three times and disliked both her appearance and performance when she first saw herself as Dorothy.‘I went to the London premiere, but I detested my appearance onscreen. Today Dee, 51, lives with second husband Dewar Docherty, 43, a team leader in a corrugating plant, barely a mile from the ‘wee council house’ in which she grew up.

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