420 dating los angeles Free sexual dating sites no upgrades usa

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420 dating los angeles

His photos depicted him sporting a long, tailored beard while sitting in a hot rod.

It took until the end of the date for our conversation to lead into marijuana.

High There is marketed as a global social network, but it includes the swipe interface to find a buddy via left button (“Bye There”) and a right (“High There”), so it feels like matchmaking.

Its pitch is “High There connects cannabis users and enthusiasts with each other by sharing meaningful conversations and experiences without stigma.” This one is the most fun of all the cannabis-friendly dating apps.

However, the design aesthetic is bad 90s use of cheesy artsy retro style, which is probably aimed at millennials.

It could use a cleaner, modern look, especially since cannabis subculture is changing with legalization.

That is, until the cats behind My420put down their doobies long enough to build a business plan and website in order to launch cannabis tourism.You need to manually handle the search engine every time you open the app, and I never had a very long window to effectively or successfully make any connections.The design was far from clean, and after a few weeks of trying it, I’ve hardly opened it since.He told me he frequents local underground after-hours, so I asked if he drinks or smokes cannabis, to which he replies, “Sure,” but matter of factly.We talked about the bar scene more and I could tell he’s only a social smoker.

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It’s a pool for the like-minded; there is no “on the DL.” Of those three, the most user-friendly and straight up equivalent of Tinder is 420 Singles.